About Us



7 Secrets began trading in 2010.  Opening the doors to the public for the first time to a great response.  7 Secrets continued with their success until 2016, when the owners decided to sell the business. 


By January 2017 the business was sold,  the new owners decided to change the name 7 Secrets to what it is known as today,  Frankie J's Pizza and pasta.

In July 2017 Frankie J's was then purchased by the current owners Brian and Debbie, we decided to retain the name Frankie J's.  Brian and Debbie are making changes slowly but surly,  introducing a dessert range pizza, Savoury range of take away food to name a few.

On Friday the 20th July 2018 we had an incident where a car ran into our shop and we had to close.  The repairs took 16 weeks and we reopened again on Tuesday the 13 November 2018.  Refurbished and redesigned for a more inviting feel.   

Gift Voucher


We have now introduced a gift voucher concept that you can offer friends and family  for that something different.

Loyalty Card


Our loyality card is offered to everyone that is interested in the card there is conditions on the card so please read the card so you are not offended if we refuse to stamp your card.